Biografische Notiz

Philip Kwame Apagya was born in Sekondi (Ghana) in 1958.
After a period of apprenticeship in his father’s studio, Apagya works for years as itinerant
photographer in Ivory Coast. After his graduation in photojournalism at the Ghana Institute of
Journalism in Accra, he starts his own studio (PK’s Normal Photo Studio) in Shama (Ghana),
in 1982.

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The Leopold Godowsky Jr. Color photography award winners 2000, Boston University, MA, USA
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The Office, Group Exhibit, The Photographers Gallery, London, (November - December 2003)
The Public View, Pentagram, London (November - December 2003)

Jack Shainman Gallery, New York Single Exhibit (December 2003-January 2004)
Festival Couleur Café, Group Exhibit, Brusseles (June – Juli)
Forthcoming: Wiesbadener Fototage

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More is to be found in Geo (Hamburg), Art (Hamburg), Nest (New York), Elle Decoration (Paris),
Vogue (Mailand), Amica (Mailand). Etro (Mailand), Io Donna (Mailand) und Jalouse (Paris).

The works of Philip Kwame Apagya were bought by numerous museums, galleries and private
collectors. They are included in the Gianni Pavesi Collection (Turin), the Pigozzi Collection (Genf)
and the Oetker Collection (Berlin), The Studio Museum, New York.

2000 Leopold Godowsky Jr. Color Photography Award 1999-2000. The Photographic Resource
Centre at Boston University, Boston, MA, USA.

Documentaries, Films
Philip Kwame Apagya is the main protagonist of the dokumentary „Future Remembrance -
Photography and Image Arts in Ghana“, by Tobias Wendl and Nancy du Plessis (1998, 54 min.).
His works are also shown in Kay Touré’s film „Ja taa - prendre l’image“ (1999, 52 min) and in
„Dr. Clic Clac“ by Gilbert Kellner (2001, 52 min.) for TV3 (France).